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The Never Ending Story

by on October 2nd, 2009

I want to preface this by saying the following…I know Paul Klocko. I have known him for at least 8 years. For a while there he and I were friends, but we are not now. That seems like disclaimer enough.

I do not know if you have been following the news lately, but our little town, and our town daily newspaper made the national news recently download powerpoint online file. It appears that the staff of the WDH released the name of one of his forum commenters to a local official, Dean Zuleger of Weston.

The commenter, screen name ‘juanmoore’, real name Paul Klocko, attacked Dean Zuleger personally and professionally when Zuleger won the Person of the Year award. The attacks were made in regards to his weight, his eating, and several other things. Calling Dean fat, and Little Hitler. Good stuff. Stuff you tend to only say if you are anonymous auto spiele download kostenlos pc. Keyboard bravery I call it.

Dean, as is his right, asked the Daily Herald for the name of the poster. I say it is his right, because I tend to think it is our right to ask for anything we want. I recently asked Andy for his bike, and like a grown up, Andy said no. I once asked the bank teller for a million bucks, since I was there, and she said no whatsapp sprüche kostenlos downloaden. We laughed.

In this case Dean asked, and WDH said yes. Hence, the drama.

Then some fallout comes from Zuleger writing Klocko a letter inviting him to come into the office and talk about whatever issues he might have. The letter was cleared by the City Attorney, so the language was pretty safe. I know this because the letter is all over the internet. You know, from when the man upset about his anonymity not being protected gave preemptive interviews diablo.

Klocko never went in to speak about any grievance he might have with the Village Administrator, from the Village that he lives in.

So what do we know…

  1. Klocko made anonymous attacks. He has admitted to that, in several news stories.
  2. Zuleger asked the WDH for the name of juanmoore.
  3. Mark Baldwin gave Zuleger the name download microsoft word 2009 for free. That has been documented.
  4. Zuleger wrote a letter. He admitted that. Klocko gave the letter to a website. The anonymous guy gave the letter to be put up on the internet.
  5. Klocko got the letter and felt intimidated. He said that in several interviews. Again, anonymous guy, giving interviews.
  6. Klocko states in interviews that his reaction was emotional and probably a mistake, and his anger at his rough patch was misdirected at Dean musik für kinder herunterladen kostenlos. In case you forgot, man upset about anonymity, giving interviews.
  7. Klocko sells popcorn.
  8. Mike Beck and the WDH apologized to Klocko. Klocko confirmed that in news stories. Anonymous guy giving interviews.
  9. The WDH clarifies their policy.
  10. Klocko has not gone into handle any grievance with Zuleger, as of this writing world of warships cannot updates.
  11. Klocko claims to contact the state Attorney General and an attorney. Not sure why since everyone has admitted what they did.
  12. Klocko said he just wants to get to the bottom of this, and he does not want a dime.

Did we just not get to the bottom of this? What more is he looking to do, other than continue to drag Dean through the mud?

Let me see if I can get my mind around this…a man who is upset that his anonymity was not protected, is now appearing as an attacker in the Huffington Post, and has given interviews to the local papers, as well as AP (the worldwide news agency) reporters, about attacks that were personal, reactionary, and misdirected anger music on mac. So, upset that he is not anonymous, but somehow wants recognition? Now, how does that balance out?

How is it that Klocko admits that his attacks came from a mistaken place — a place of anger that came from him having a rough time, and resentment about Zuleger getting an award-yet the reaction from the one he attacked was somehow inappropriate? When he admitted his initial action was inappropriate.

Klocko, who says he wants NOTHING from this, has gotten an apology from the WDH, has appeared in the Huffington post as well as blogs across the world, is continuing to contact lawyers and the State Attorney General outlander music for free. To what end? Everyone has admitted everything that they have done, Klocko attacked, Dean asked, Baldwin said yes, Dean wrote a letter, Klocko got a letter, the WDH apologized. What more is there? What secret information can possibly be out there? All the players in this story have become shockingly transparent. What is Klocko thinking happened Download counter strike for pc for free? What is his motivation if not to further attack Zuleger? What comes from further legal action to things already admitted?

Then we get into the fact that this is like an attacker suing a victim of the attack. Klocko attacked Dean in the WDH online site. And he said it was a mistake, he said so in the AP piece. Well, if it was a mistake, then apologize and move on. The only one keeping this a story, well, is Klocko.

What sort of arrogance is it when you attack someone personally, and then further drag them through a never ending wave of drama involving more lawyers?

Paul, nothing seems to be in dispute here. It seems like you got what you wanted. Unless of course you want something else.

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