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My Ten Favorite Musical Moments of 2009 – Wausau Edition

by on December 20th, 2009

I think I need to preface this immediately. My good friend Rob Mentzer made a top ten list on his blog, and I am concerned that his top ten list is simply so far out of the loop that it will create a rift in the fabric of all space-time, and as such the universe will fall into molecular chaos and entropy. His blatant use of things like this list of his are apocryphal, and could very well lead to some sort of apocalypse.

That being said, this is a list of my favorite musical things that happened in Wausau this year. We would love to get more lists from you.

  1. “Godspell”: This show at the PAF was so overwhelming to me. It was one of those right place, right time sorts of things. Tough work schedule, tough whatever, and ka-pow, I ended up sitting there crying with tears of joy. The energy and exuberance was so high, so powerful, and so uplifting, I was moved to just heights I had not expected. It moved me, and it was grand.
  2. The release of ‘Before the Devil Knows Your Dead’ by Meantooth Grin: This album was 18 months in the making, and it started to feel like Tom Jordan’s ‘Chinese Democracy’, but when it came out it raise the bar for what all blues cats were going or should do next. It is a well-written, well-arranged, well-played local masterpiece. It puts all the False Dog records to absolute shame with its real emotions and amazing production.
  3. Triclops at the PI: I am not a PI sort of fellow, but the Triclops show was so amazing, and so powerfully destructive that it shook the walls off that whole block. Triclops are one of those bands that are sonically unique, and performance aggressive. It was pretty amazing.
  4. Scott Holt at Malarkeys: I am sure that including one of my friends in the list is not all that kosher, but objectively Scott did things even better than when he got a stand ovation at Big Bull Falls. City Councilman Rosenberg called him a virtuoso, and Tyler Vogt said ‘Now that Scott Holt has shown us what is possible with a guitar’. And, in my observance, I think Scott sang better than ever.
  5. Sneak Peak/Why Not Wausau: The set up concert on the mountain was epic. It paves the way for people to see Why Not Wausau as a legitimate thing. The guys from Flapjack Creative did something, in their first year, that few others do in a lifetime in town.
  6. The Rob Piehl/Tom Jordan/Eric Messenberg jam: I did not get to hear this in person, but by all accounts these three cats did something amazing. It is great when two guitar KILLERS like Eric and Tom can get together. You’ve got to hope Eric comes back bigger stronger, and heavier.
  7. Receiving a copy of ‘icantfeel’ by iloveghosts: I have said for a long time, that my favorite band to EVER come out of central Wisconsin is iloveghosts, and their record is an overwhelming assault on the senses. Brave, emotional, techie, and cool. Iloveghosts are rock stars. PERIOD.
  8. Rob Mentzer/Tom Neal/and Sam Staples on WNRB: I love WNRB, but do not catch as much as I should. But when these guys are on, I listen from start to finish. WNRB is cool.
  9. The Demise of the Fillmor: It is not okay to root for the decline of something, but I think the final nail in the coffin showed a lot of people that music is a profession, and not a hobby. And when you do not know what you are doing, a lot of things go wrong. I do not think Dan and Bill were bad guys, I just think they were in over their heads and made some bad choices. We all do. Now, the Fillmor is free and can be snatched up by someone who knows what they are doing.
  10. The Blueheels/Pat McDonald/Vinny Bex Dae. These cats have all played all over, and when they played Malarkeys (or anywhere else in town), they blew up the place. We are lucky musicians still see Wausau as a good place to come and play.

So, what do you think? Send us your list, and we can try to post them.

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