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15 Day Voluntary Suspension for IC Willy

by on December 29th, 2009

This afternoon IC Willy’s accepted a voluntary suspension of its operating license. This suspension will run from January 4th through January 18th.

IC Willy’s owner Tom Nowell agreed to this compromise with the Public Health and Safety Committee. The voluntary nature of the suspension allows the owner and the City to reach a compromise on consequences of the complaints, and to allow for formal suspension and revocation later on if needed.

Nowell was also instructed to meet with the neighborhood residents. This meeting will be held and hosted by Chief Hardel at the Wausau Police Station in February.

Police Chief Hardel initially suggested a 30-day suspension, but after a reading of the ordinance by City Attorney Anne Jacobsen, the 15-day voluntary suspension was agreed upon.

At issue are the 15 noise violations since opening as a business, as well as numerous concerns rendered by the neighbors. One of the hot, sticking points was the allegation that owner Nowell lied to police officers in regards to the Girls Gone Wild event.

From what was said at the meeting, it appears that Nowell has purchased and installed “decibal meters” and “sound baffling” to make the club more appropriate for the neighborhood.

Again, a 15-day voluntary suspension will run in January for IC Willy’s.

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