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Return to IC Willys

by on May 20th, 2010

So, once again IC Willy’s has made it into the news.  The noise complaints have returned, or it could possibly be just a noise COMPLAINT.  Either way there was interaction between the police and the establishment, which is never a good thing video von youtube downloaden android.

Reports in the Wausau Daily Herald have the police arriving to issue a noise complaint and the owner being defensive and confrontational with the police, crumpling the citation and throwing it in the garbage, all the while using vulgarity with the officers.  There is even a rumor that he said: “I do not care about the City Council, I am going to sue them anyway.”  But, that is just a rumor at this point Download video for android. We shall see.

More to the point though is this: Is this the right tactic to use with the police?  Regardless of where you are, or who you are, if you have money in the game, and need to have a relationship with the powers that be, is it a good idea to antagonize the police officers in that city truck games?

From everything we have heard, this Mr. Nowell has successfully operated bars and night clubs in other states, and has come to Wausau for this business opportunity.  That seems like a great bit of good news.  But, I wonder, and I wonder outloud, if he was successful at these other places, then why did he leave?  Bill Gates has been successful in the software business, in Seattle, and he has not left the software business.  I am not a business owner, but don’t businesses run until they die — then owners move on?  I do not imagine people moving on in the middle of a successful run to take a gamble in a new city.  But, Mr. Nowell might be a midnight rambler who needs to move on kindle bücher gratis downloaden. One can never know.

I have been to his club, often enough that one of the bartenders knows me on sight, and knows that I do not drink.  I found the inside of the club to be oppressively loud, and I love loud music tigertones hörspiele herunterladen.  That is not a judgement on the music, the music was just fine and bland enough that I did not care, it was literally just too loud for my personal tastes gute spiele für pc kostenlos downloaden.  And I love it loud.

Also in the article there is mention of a private detective doing independent sound readings in the club.  One does not really even know what to say about that, other than “huh download dailymotion videos?”  I think that falls under the absurd.  I am sure that there are private detectives in Wausau, but I am not sure that any of them have specialized sound engineer qualifications Download musikexpress simulation for free.

I have been skeptical of this whole thing from the beginning.  I do not know Nowell, or really anything about him, but some of the claims made during his time in front of the council seemed incorrect and misleading.  Claims that he needed to go to out of town sources for audio engineering were made, when in fact there are three accredited sound engineers within city limits, as well as countless others who are sound men audiodatei tip toi herunterladen.

I am unsure as to what to do with Mr. Nowell.  It does not seem like the business is the problem, but rather the actions of the owner in concert with the life of the club.  It is a surely a challenge for the Council, and the Committee download underground simulator for free in full.

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