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Did you eat HOT LUNCH?

by on September 30th, 2010

I wanted to take a second and point out a new blog that started up recently.  We love blogs, and we love it even more when friends and supporters of Citizen Wausau go out on their and start something cool.

So, we want to welcome Hot Lunch to the blogging fray.  From their own website we get a pretty accurate description…

“Hot lunch is not only a forty minute period in high school where one enjoys a tasty microwaved cheeseburger and fries but rather a period where one would chat with friends about class, farts, and music. We want to take you back to that period. We want to take you back by sharing our opinions with you about new and exciting music ranging from your local acoustic cafe performance to the sell out show at your closest arena. Hot Lunch is a five man team from Minneapolis, MN, Eau Claire, Wausau, and Milwaukee, WI.

Created by:
Mitchel DeSantis
Kyle Pieczynski
Nick Reetz

Leif Wellumson
Brandon Landowski
Chelsea Minaj
Kyle Geurink
Mark Franke”

Good luck guys.

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