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Winds of Change

by on November 24th, 2010

Citizen Wausau was born out of one simple idea: use the social media tools at our disposal to give a voice to the community we live in. Over the past three years social media has evolved in significant ways, and we’ve tried our best to evolve as well. That said, we feel that an important element to making progress is to be able to acknowledge your missteps, and in the interest of transparency (which we hope has been a common thread throughout CW’s life) we want to announce our plan to streamline our operation.

What Isn’t Working

Shortly after our initial launch, we proudly rolled out community blogs. While there have been some valuable contributions, lately the tendency is for them to be overrun with spam and people who are actually robots. We also introduced blogs at a time where long-form blogging as a whole was trending downward and short-form blogging (through services like Tumblr, Posterous, or (to the extreme), Twitter were taking off. We really, really appreciate your participation in this experiment, but to call it anything more than that seems somewhat delusional. And that’s why we’re shuttering the community blog portion of the site.

We truly hope that the few of you who still actively use the blogs don’t misinterpret this as dismissive; that’s not our intent, and that’s why we’re announcing this well in advance. For those of you looking to archive your data or transition to a new platform, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help you however we can.

In other news, we’re dropping the social network; let Facebook be Facebook.

What Is Working

We have been thrilled with the attention to and participation on Voice, the official Citizen Wausau blog. There have been some amazing discussions there, and that’s what we want to see continue. We hope those of you who did make use of the community blogs might consider contributing your work to our blog – we’d love to have you. Brad and Dino will continue to curate the front page just as they’ve always done, and are always looking for new voices and topics.

So there you have it. As we mentioned, we want to give all of you time to prepare just in case, and that’s why we won’t be making any changes before January 1, 2011. And of course, we want to thank you for your efforts in making Citizen Wausau (we feel) a success. We couldn’t have gotten here without you.

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