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Save Your Blogs!

by on December 8th, 2010

As you might expect, we’re in the process of preparing the site for its aforementioned update, but as promised here’s a basic step-by-step guide to saving your blog before it’s lost once and for all:

  1. Log in to Citizen Wausau
  2. From the top navigation bar, mouse over My Profile, and from the dropdown, select the blog you want to save and choose Dashboard. This should take you to your blog’s admin page.
  3. On the lefthand side, locate the Tools menu, and if it’s not open, click the arrow to expand it.
  4. Choose Export under the Tools menu, and on the resulting page, click the Download Export File button. The file will be saved on your computer wherever your web downloads are usually saved.

The result will be a file (named something like wordpress.YYYY-MM-DD.xml.html) that you can import to a different WordPress site, whether it be one on or a self-hosted version. To import your posts and comments, follow the instructions above, but instead of Export in step 4, you’ll want to choose Import. This should prompt you to choose a file on your computer; find the file that you saved from Citizen Wausau and WordPress should do the rest of the work for you!

As usual, leave a comment if you run into any issues!

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