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Looking back is often Fun

by on December 24th, 2010

Looking back is sometimes fun.  The cats over at The Insophisticate put together a pretty comprehensive discussion about the year in review.  So, I thought I would do the same.  I think 2010 is an amazing collection of months, weeks, days and hours.  I think we will look back and know some amazing things and people happened in this time.

Do not think it is all roses and chardonnay.  I am still the guy who thinks Tipple is doing a nightmarish job, and that a public sense of “the cool kids” is actively impeding our moving forward.  But, these are some things that happened in 2010 that I really liked — in no particular order.

  1. WhyNotWausau/Flapjack.  So the cats at FJ are good dudes.  The idea of putting on a privately-funded two-day music event is sort of unheard of in a city rife with petitions for room tax dollars.  Sure, I might not have dug all the bands, but I did dig the commitment to the project.  I also like that FJ is actively talking about the branding and vision for the area.  That is cool.
  2. Joe Mella/Mark Craig/Phil Valitchka.  In 2009 I did not really know these guys.  I knew of them, and in all fairness, thought of them as those cool kids getting to do all the fun stuff.  They were part of the cool kids narrative.  In this year though, I got to spend time with each of them, and I saw that they are the hardest working guys I know.  All the press that they get is not because they are friends with whoever, but it is because they are actually doing stuff.
  3. Doing Stuff.  I mentioned WhyNotWausau and The Insophisticate, but there is so much more.  Some Wausau natives started a music blog called HOT LUNCH, Tara Parks started Central Night Out, two roller derby teams started, a tattoo show returned, the Pavillion is the real deal, Buddy Guy showed up, and Wausau Area Events added a day to Blues Fest.  There is a lot of stuff going on.  So, we get to do stuff.  Often.
  4. The 400 Block.  Love it or hate it, private people raised $1 million and gave it to the city to develop a block for the future.  That is awesome.
  5. That new building at UWMC.  I am not 100 percent sure what is going on in there, but let’s assume it is learning.  More learning is never bad, so a big building devoted to learning, that’s fun.
  6. CWA.  So, I have spent far more time there in the last three months than anyone should.  But, the expansion and upgrades to the airport will only help our city grow.  I am super pumped about expansion.

I think that we have a moment now to embrace the future.  We have a new council, which has put aside old grudges, and seems to want to lead.  We have new people at key positions in the local media with a real eye for talking about what is here.

We have cool tools at our disposal.  This is a great time to be here, and it was a good year.

What did you think was important and positive?

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