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Quick Branding Update

by on April 21st, 2011


Citizen Wausau saw the new branding items announced, like the rest of you.  A lot of discussion has been had about this topic already, and I assume that we might just weigh in someplace.  But, more importantly, one of you asked us to seek out the information about the bidding process.  So, we did seek out that information.  This is what we have so far.  We have already asked Jeff Zriny at The Chamber for the bids as well.


A fast update.  We emailed Jeff Zriny, the new Director at the Chamber for the records of the bids.  He denied this request.  This raises the real question about public versus private dollars.  Did this $117,000 came from public sources?  We believe through the Chamber of Commerce, to a public/private Development Company.  Yet we are unable to receive this information.

“The McDEVCO board went through the bidding process to select a vendor for this project. The bid information is not available,” said the email from Jeff Zriny, Executive Director

(Editors Note…If I could make a small request, let us hold off on the discussion of the work for now.  Next week we shall have a piece dealing with that more completely.)

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