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What I Read – John Fischer

by on May 26th, 2011

I rely on both new and old schools of thought in absorbing my daily dose of information.

My morning normally starts by watching the local morning newscast on Channel 7, and I can normally catch the first 15 minutes or so of the national news on the same channel before heading off to the office visual basic 2010.

While getting my dose of the morning news on television, I am also using by Blackberry Tour to check out a couple of other mobile-friendly websites, such as this Citizen Wausau site and the Wausau Daily Herald’s site.  I also check my office email as well as my Dr stars for free. Rent email from the Blackberry in the morning to see if any new and urgent things will impact my work day.

Upon getting to the office, most days I have time to hit some websites from my desktop computer there (a Dell Optiplex).  I will check out a few more blogs including that that of Jim Rosenberg and another blog of a Milwaukee Attorney who, like me, blogs on Landlord-Tenant issues, Tristan Pettit.  (After being “blog buddies” with Attorney Pettit for over a year, I got to meet him in person last year, and it was clear to people who knew the both of us that we were quite obviously twin brothers separated at birth – have you met your twin yet?)

I will also check out two parts of the City of Wausau website, that part that has the daily police logs to see what interesting things happened overnight, and if any of those things were in neighborhoods that affected my properties.  I then go to the part of the City’s website that has their meeting agendas and minutes.  Following these on a daily basis is how I keep my pulse as to what is going on in City government.  On Monday mornings, add to that list the Village of Weston website, to check out their Weston Wire online newsletter that came out the previous Friday ebooksen free.

I used to pop on to the Daily Herald website a number of times throughout the day, but now only check it once or twice using my Blackberry (let’s just say I’m not a fan of the new format).  I do still go to the full version of the website once per day so that I can visit the forum boards and catch up on the question of the day, posted by forum user “Jeepers” downloaden ohne risiko.

As free moments arrive here and there, I will pop on the Daily Herald and WSAW’s mobile websites using my Blackberry to see if new news items have come up.  On most days, I am able to catch the 10 PM Channel 7 newscast for a re-cap of the day Play free full version without registration for pc.

I also have a large number of trade magazines that I read on a regular basis, including those put out by the National Apartment Association, the Wisconsin Apartment Association, and 4-5 different city apartment associations such as Stevens Point, Appleton, Oshkosh, Green Bay, etc.  I also read the magazines put out by the Realtor’s association, including at the state level and the national level.  Other trade magazines include Heartland Real Estate Business, MFE (Multifamily Executive), MHN (Multi-Housing News) and Multi-Housing Pro.  These are all your traditional magazines.  Some of these are offered in an online format, but I just like the old fashioned magazine all titles iphone.

Probably, because of how and when I read them.  I don’t read them when I get them, I read them as I am waiting for something.  If you see me with my black portfolio, you can bet there are going to be 4-5 magazines in there.  If I am waiting on someone to show up for a showing, or waiting for an oil change, or for my court case to be called, or for a city meeting to start, if I am not checking news on the Blackberry, I am getting caught up with these magazines I carry with me.  The downside to this is that at times, if I don’t spend much time waiting, it could be 3-4 months before I get to a particular publication best spelling checker for free.

If it has been a slow news week, I will normally be spending Friday afternoon scanning all kinds of headlines online looking for local, state and national big news stories.  On the radio station where I host the Dr download microsoft games. Rent Radio Show (by the way, it will be 6 years on the air as of June 1st), I also contribute to a Friday evening program called Conversation Digest with a segment called “Dr Rent’s Current Events” where I quiz the show hosts on some of the major news stories of the previous week gmx mail anhänge herunterladen.

Most weekends, I tune out.  I work in the office, I work at home, I may take the boat out or play in my new wood shop… but I don’t check the news at all.  I figure if something major happens that I need to know about, someone will tell me. o2 mailbox nachricht herunterladen. John, have you heard…

As I indicated in my comment about Et Al’s in a previous CW post, my recreational reading of novels has come to a virtual stand-still.  However, I did recently read Tom Clancy’s newest offering.  I still do some recreational reading.  Some magazines I get at home that have nothing to do with work that I do read religiously include two different magazines on boating, and 4 different magazines on Corvettes, including the NCCC magazine and the monthly newsletter of the Wisconsin Corvette Club.

To date, I am not a twit.  Well… many might consider me a twit, but I do not have a twitter account.  I established a facebook account some time ago as a method to check out tenants and locate past tenants who owe me money (the latter is much more successful than one would think).  However, in the past few months I have recently starting using it a little more.  Being a private person and someone who used to work within the government intelligence community, I have a problem with giving personal updates on my life.

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