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What I Read – Matt Kaskavitch

by on June 2nd, 2011

Matt Kaskavitch is a recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Stout where he was a web programmer and emerging media specialist for four years. Matt is currently hunting for employment in public relations, communications or new media marketing. You can learn more about Matt here or via Twitter.

Being the technology addict I am, my information gathering revolves around my iPhone. If I don’t have it on me I might begin foaming at the mouth with a white frothy substance. If you find me this way, please take me to the nearest Apple Store.  When my eyelids first open, I reach for my freshly charged iPhone and immediately open Facebook. During my college years which only ended recently, Facebook is like the holy grail. What are your friends doing? Who’s going out tonight? How are my friends’ days going? Facebook and texting are the preferred communication platforms for college students, bar none.  So after browsing my Facebook news feed and replying to a comment or two, it’s on to my e-mail.  E-mail is sort of passé from my experience. However, in the business world it’s still the gold standard.  I browse my inbox replying to any messages that I deem urgent. Next it’s on to Twitter to browse the morning tweets from my friends, most of whom I’ve never met. Then, it’s finally time to actually get out of bed.

I sit down to a bowl of cereal or a couple power bars and flip on Good Morning America. During this relaxation time I’ll browse over various local news outlets from my iPhone’s web browser. Some of my favorites include WEAU-TV, WSAW-TV and KSTP-TV .

Once in the vehicle I will turn to podcasts for my continued information consumption. I primarily listen to the TwiT Network owned by former TechTV host Leo LaPorte. Some of my favorite podcasts on that network include: This Week In Tech, This Week In Google, MostlyPhoto and Security Now. I also enjoy taking in my podcast shows while out walking during the week.

During my day at work or class I read almost all between my iPhone and laptop. If I do have to read textbooks, I’ll try to add the digital version to my iPhone so I can switch between the two seamlessly depending on which is more convenient at any given time.  I use this time to scan over some of my favorite blogs when time allows. I’d suggest Tech Crunch, Mashable, ArsTechnica and Scobleizer.

When I come home from a long day, there is no disconnecting for me. I will make dinner while listening to more technology podcasts on the TwiT Network and also browse RSS feeds while my food sizzles on the stove top.

There may be some down time in the evening hours when I’m not consuming information, but when bed time rolls around the consumption again kicks up. I crawl into the sheets around 9:30 p.m. and bring out my iPhone to read some of my favorite books.  Some of my recent books include The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene and Joost Elffers, The Art of the Start written by Guy Kawasaki and The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk. I own all these titles and sometimes opt to read the physical copy, but most times my iPhone suffices just fine.  I’ve just started reading The Four Stages of Highly Effective Crisis Management by Jane Jordan-Meier. Why you ask? Because I’m cited in it! Shameless plug, right?

As you can see, my iPhone is my main information consumption device. I don’t have cable and barely watch my television to consume news. I’m always connected whether on my laptop, or using my phone. Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, blogs and regular news websites like CNN. I’m scraping these sites multiple times a day because today’s news cycle moves in minutes, not days.

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