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Kid-Free Wausau?

by on September 23rd, 2011

So now that I’ve spread my kid-Wausau love all over CW, here’s a controversial subject for you to kick around.

Have you ever wished for kid-free zones? Are you annoyed by children in restaurants, especially fancy restaurants, or tripped up by kids in stores?  Should the tykes be banned in Wausau establishments like they have in some big cities?

To be honest, I’m torn. I’m the mother of two absolutely precious, always-well-behaved children (5 and 3). They have NEVER run wild in a grocery store or had temper tantrums in restaurants. Yeah right. They’ve done that. And it’s embarrassed the heck out of me. Wish I had a cattle prod or duct tape, but instead I do the “good mommy” thing about correcting their behavior or just leaving.

Perhaps I’m just really tolerant of children, but other than Walmart where everybody seems a little less civil, I rarely come across bratty kids (except for that snotty 4yo at McDs the other day who said my daughter didn’t have pretty clothes or nice shoes and was therefore not ‘friend’ material). And maybe we don’t go out to restaurants enough to get pissed off by other people’s kids. Or maybe our kids are the ones that people complain about.

What do you think? Does Wausau have well behaved children or do I just hang out in all the right places?

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