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Me and The Bus

by on January 9th, 2012

I am not going to pretend to be some sort of public transit activist, or even a regular user.  I live in Weston, and for the past 5 or so years I rode the bus every November, for the whole month.  I do not know how or why it started but I would park my car at Target (with their permission of course) and board the bus and come to work.  I would then ride the bus home at the end of the day.  Throughout the year I would ride the bus at various other times.

I like the bus, and more importantly I like what it stands for.  We at Citizen Wausau took part in the Tweetbus project a few years ago when a bunch of us rode the bus all day for a whole Saturday.  We recorded stories of the people on the bus, and had a great day of it.

The bus is not coming back in Weston any time soon.  That is not the reason I am typing this now.  People like Fred Schuster and others on the Village Board screwed that up six ways from Sunday, they acted in defiance of the will of a large portion of the community, and their communication strategy was horrible.  At one point Schuster made a comment about how the people riding the bus were not REAL TAXPAYERS.  I cannot count the ways I am disappointed in my Village Board.

I used to love being on the bus.  I was able to read a newspaper, read articles on my phone, listen to music, and basically just enjoy traveling in a different way.  So, the loss of the bus has made me stupider, and less happy.  I am not able to read the New York Times while I drive, or the NPR Money podcast.  I am stuck driving like all the other dead souls driving to their jobs.  I wish we had not been screwed by the powers that be on the bus deal.  I wish that Greg Suebert was allowed to present his plan that would have cut the cost in half, but he was not.  The board had no desire I suppose to hear that.  I get that the budgetary concerns of a municipality in 2011 are real, and serious.  But, the cost of the bus line could have been 30 grand, the cost of a relatively nice new car.

I do not believe it would have been impossible to find corporate sponsorship of the buslines, if the Village would not have been so antagonistic to the process.  I feel bad, because I feel like I lost out on a good time on the bus.  I like the bus.  I like public transit.  I like my car too, but the bus was cool in my opinion.

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