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Is Dave Obey Still a King Maker?

by on January 20th, 2012

I am a Democrat.  I live in Wisconsin.  As a result it has been part of my DNA for most of my life, that I love me some Dave Obey.  Over the years I have met him, got to know him (our parents were social), and it turns out I really like the guy.  Both as a policy maker and as dude.  The dude part is often more important to me.  But, now I have to begin to wonder if the time is done for Dave, and his power base in Wisconsin as a king maker.

You see we are starting to see reports that former Congressman Obey is considering a run.  We have heard rumors that he is courting a member of Middle Wisconsin to run against Rep. Galloway in the recall.  And today I read a newspaper story that former Congressman Obey is not ruling out a run against Governor Walker in the recall.

That is great, I am not ruling out climbing Mount Everest this weekend, but I am not hiring sherpas either.

I wonder if the dependence that the State of Wisconsin Democratic Party had on former Congressman Obey while he was in office has led to a Democratic atrophy of sorts?

I understand this is a rather one sided political discussion, but I am a Democrat after all, so I have no idea if Republicans have this sort of stuff going on.  Not that I do not care, I just was not thinking about the party of the right today.  No offense meant.

I openly wonder if the sort of influence exerted, or attempted by former Congressman Obey is healthy for my party, much less the state.  I like him, and know he is a man who I share many ideas with, but I wonder if Democrats would be better served to use a resource like him to develop a county infrastructure.

So, what do you think?  Aside from the faithful, does former Congressman Obey carry any cache with you as a member of the public?

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