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Why Middle Wisconsin Matters

by on March 18th, 2012

I am a politically jaded guy.  I think some of that comes from general exhaustion at age 41, other parts of it come from the idea of being in the middle of it is sometimes too much.  I went back to my political party last year, worked on a project, completed a project, and was getting ready to do new stuff, when I just up and quit.  I quit because I was tired of the narrative, and I wanted nothing to do with the messaging.  So, I stopped being an active member, and I do not think anyone minded.

Along the way, though, Gov. Scott Walker happened.  The protests happened, and it all went down.  Wisconsin became a polarized state, and the knives and swords came out.  I suppose that is to be expected, 2012 being the end of the world and all.

Somewhere along the way I got invited to take part in a new group, Middle Wisconsin.  At first it seemed to be a discussion group on Facebook.  But, after a while, it turned out that it was an actual group of people who were getting together and talking about things, trying to find solutions, and making their voices heard.  Naturally with anything called Middle anything, I was far too annoying and not in any sort of mood to be in the middle range.

Sorry to the Middle Wisconsin people for being THAT GUY on Facebook.

But today something amazing is happening,  Mandy Wright is committing to run for office.  Mandy comes out of the Middle Wisconsin group.  And we all know what I think about running — an incredibly noble idea.

It appears that the Middle Wisconsin movement — and idea, the idea of sitting down with community members and working on political ideas with an open heart and mind — is taking root.  People are discussing things, they are working on problems, and now a campaign will come from it.

I have no idea if Mandy is going to run as a Middle Wisconsin person, but at this point who cares.  There is an organization locally that is attempting to be a voice for our community, and more importantly, a place for people in our community to go and learn things about the political process.  I think that is vital.

If nothing else, Middle Wisconsin can be a place where the citizenry might be able to find out things about voting, where to get information, etc.  It can be a middle place, between uninformed and blatantly partisan.  It can be that place where voices are still important and still heard.

I have nothing but high romantic hopes for a group like Middle Wisconsin.  I hope they become a great place, with great and powerful educational resources, with solutions for that which ails me.  And I hope they do it in a way in which we do not lose our souls.

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