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My Town: The River Edge Trail

by on March 24th, 2012

Winter was a frustrating time. I had all this new energy and desire to get out and walk , no – JOG – all around town. (Weight loss surgery in October) krabat. But I was so cold. I was losing all this natural insulation, and my extremities were always freezing, even inside the house. Going outside, even while bundled, was kind of painful google kontakte herunterladen. I had to forgo my natural desire to walk the ‘hood and instead work on my fitness in front of a workout video or at the Y.

God answered prayer, and spring came early minecraft app android for free. On each day over 60 degrees, I’ve walked at least two miles, sometimes more. I’ve gained a new appreciation for my neighborhood.

There’s a sense of ownership and belonging when I walk ps3 for free. Even when I’m two miles from my house, I still feel like this is my town, my extended backyard. Because I walked there instead of driving, I feel like it’s my territory and I’m not just a visitor herunterladen.

My favorite part of my neighborhood now is the expansion of the River Edge Trail that they built last fall behind Marathon Electric (from the corner of Cherry and Knox, along the river to Scholfield Park) herunterladen. It’s really an impeccably beautiful path, despite being surrounded by factories. I still remember the first time last November when I saw the River Edge Trail American flag to. It was evening, and a cool mist shone gently around the electric lamps. I was just going around the block, but when I saw that elegant scene, I diverged onto the new path, and walked in wonder and gratitude down to the river that I forgot download the mediathek stream.

The presence of the River Edge Trail feels like it has raised property values enormously. We are all so lucky to have such a gorgeous public space so close herunterladen! I honestly never thought much about the Wisconsin River that flows behind my block. Any view of the river was blocked by Graphic Packaging, MBX and Marathon Electric stream from the internet. But now… now I have the River Edge Trail, and I feel like I’m living in a luxurious part of town.

Don’t even get me started about the delights of the Robert W. Monk gardens just down the street. Wausau is full of these hidden gems, and it is no wonder that I hate the idea of moving away. This is my territory, my town.

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