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Vaya Con Bacon, Matt Lehman

by on June 16th, 2012

I wanted to take a moment and wish Matt Lehman a good run into the future.  I am not one for the “sappy” these days, but Lehman is a special guy, so I thought I would sit down and type out a few of the stand-out things.


It has been reported that Lehman has only been here for about 5 or 7 years.  In all fairness, I think I have maybe known Matt for 2 of those years, but it feels like I have known Matt my whole life.  He feels ever-present like that, and it is an amazing quality.  I do not remember how or when I met him, but I know we started talking at the Y, but I have a feeling we met someplace prior to that, especially since I am not a Chatty Cathy at the Y.  It might have been the night of the IC Willy hearing, but that night was a little like One Night in Bangkok.


Matt is a unique guy.  He is the most easy going, completely socially affable guy I have ever met.  He is truly at ease, and he seems to be at ease all the time.  I cannot tell you how many people have confessed to hanging out with Matt, or closing a bar with Matt or doing something fun with Matt.  And it just seems like no one in these discussion is connected by anything other than Matt.  This is a unique quality, to just be at ease enough to allow the world to be cool around you.  Matt is this guy more than anyone else.


I also have to credit Matt with getting me to like Mexican/Latin cooking.  He took me to the place in the basement of Washington Square, he ordered in Spanish, and my meal was amazing.  He was knowledgeable during the meal, and it was great.  Having a meal with Lehman is just fun; I made him laugh, he made me laugh, and he always asked cool questions.


I think Wausau has a transient journalist population, save for Keith Uhlig, Pete Wasson and Amy Kimmes…it seems like we get 1 or 2 years out of someone and they are off to the bigger market.  Matt never felt like that — it felt like he was dug into the area, and he was going to find cool stories to report on.  And while I do not dig where he worked, I always thought he did great work.


So Lehman, you are off to the next town.  Big money, bright lights, and the never ending nights of debauchery that I assume come with working at a Catholic High School.  I have no idea what you are going to be doing there, but, they are lucky to have you.


I am lucky to have known you, Bud. Thanks for showing me what is possible.

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