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Scarcity on Display

by on June 20th, 2012

Look, I am no fan of local radio, or radio of any kind.  My experience with it has been rough, and the music and talk put forth by radio stations does not fit my tastes of world view.  But, today something AMAZING caught my eye.

My friend Tom works for a local venue here in Wausau.  He does the booking.  He asked me to listen to Rock 94.7 to hear a band called Wayland do an interview for a show. Wayland will be playing his venue in the immediate future. I had never heard of the band, and he thought this would be a good idea.

So I did, and I was shocked at the final minute of the interview, and it brought me back to a theme that I often think about — Scarcity v. Abundance.

So this band is coming through town, and they are playing a show.  In support of the appearance the band appears on the radio to promote the show and the record.  That is what is supposed to happen.

But, the end of the interview (go to the 9 minute mark here), — listen to the words of both the on air host and the band.  Instead of plugging the show, the hosts essentially shame the venue because it did not pay for advertising on the station.  So, the show remains secret.  I find this shocking.

In this economy, with all of the talk of getting along and making all the boats rise, to hear a local business overtly punish another business is shocking.  And that is what this was.  Sure, maybe there is a policy that they do not plug events not paid for or sponsored by the station, or something.  And of course they have a right to make some money.  But, what did this actually accomplish?

What would it have cost to tell the people where the show was at?  The radio station is being a public service, it is supporting local business, and it is driving local people to a local venue that has music.  How is this sort of action not just simply an attack on people who do not advertise?

How did this help the band that the radio station clearly agreed to promote either because it is their business to promote new records, or because someone paid them?

WAIT A MOMENT…so, if the radio station refused to plug a show that is at a venue because it did not pay, then what sort of show does it promote?  Just stuff that it receives payment for?

Did they get paid to promote Wayland?  Is that why they got spins on the radio?

I do not understand this economic principle of scarcity. How some businesses simply refuse to help other businesses out of some artificial sense that it will hurt their bottom line is beyond me.  If you look at the downtown businesses right now, especially the bars, these places seem to have their ducks in a row.  Someone like Tyler from Malarkey’s Pub is a giant advocate for everything downtown…he seems to know that his money is increased by a general increase in traffic to all downtown businesses.

I truly am disappointed that a local radio station has chosen to punish and shame a local music venue.  I think this is both a bad thing on a human level and on a business level.  I wonder if they will lose advertising for this.

[Editors Note: Terry Stevens has edited out the offensive and unprofessional remarks.  Thereby removing them from public view, as if they never happened.  He also offered a nonapology apology.]

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