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Did I take it too seriously?

by on June 26th, 2012

So, not to belabor a point, but I thought the Twitter interaction I had with the official Rock 94.7 Twitter page, and a member of the Rock 94.7 staff was worth coming back to. If you want, you can follow my personal Twitter thread and see what happened. I am not particularly proud of it.

Last week you can see a blog post I wrote about what Terry Stevens said on the air. That has been edited out of the online content, so at this point you are going to have to take it with a little bit of faith that he did what I described. He apologized for it, so at least we know something happened. That was last week.

This week I got to my computer, logged on and found a message from the official Rock 94.7 Twitter account instructing me to “please leave the internet. Love, Lunchbox.” This was a little bit both exciting, and confusing. You see, I had gone away for the weekend and forgotten all about the internet. I came back to the internet to find that. Now I have to wonder, what I did to upset the largest media company in central Wisconsin so much that a staff member would be sending me an official message from Midwest Communications through a public internet channel like twitter. I suppose being critical of Terry was enough.

Now, I do not mind a little back and forth on the internet. But, when an entire corporate entity like Rock 94.7 decides to tell me something like that, that is completely different. These are the words of a multimillion dollar media conglomerate telling me to leave the internet. That seems serious. Then, staff member Greg Atoms decided to get in the Twitter game as well. I think Greg was mocking me, doing a little passive intimidation thing, and eventually roping his followers in on the Dino Sucks game. Which is cool. Rock 94.7 is trying to be edgy, so a good way to be edgy is to single out a critic of your station, and mock that person on the interwebs. Or is that bullying? Worse, is that bullying by Midwest communications toward me?

Let’s be clear, I do not think the Wright family has any idea what Greg Atoms said or did not say on Twitter. Nor do I think that they know who I am. Or that this website even exists. But, Greg Atoms identified himself as a Rock 94.7 staff person on Twitter until I called him on it, then he changed it. And Rock 94.7 is the official Twitter account for a Midwest Communication property.

So, I have to wonder a couple of things…is this good social media theory and practice? I am no angel here — I was a jerk to Kevin Hermening years ago. And I apologized to Kevin publicly. But is it a good idea for staff people for the largest media company in the area to single out one individual who was critical of their staff (said staff apologized publicly) and to mock them (me)? I am also reflective on my role in this. Did I take what Terry Stevens said too seriously? Did I make too much of it? And in doing so did I provoke this reaction from the staff at Midwest Communications?

I do not know. I know that I do not dig the so-called edgy version of FM radio that is going about today. Not just the Midwest products, but in general. I might be a humorless ass, but man, somethings are just not funny no matter how many jager or bud light ads you wrap around them. So, did I provoke this reaction from the staff of Rock 94.7? Was their reaction valid or unprofessional? Does it matter? Is there anywhere for local media criticism anymore?

[You can see the screen shots of the twitter conversation here.]

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