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Mentzer is Anti-Beard

by on October 31st, 2012

One should not take their bias to work, especially if you are a journalist.  But, clearly the actions of one Rob Mentzer indicate that he is unable to see beyond his own hyperaggressive, militant pro-trimming position.  We feel that this sort of behavior should not be supported, and we feel strongly that his actions should be disavowed by what can only be considered a PRO-BEARD community we have in Wausau.

You see, Mentzer has done his fair share of waffling on this issue.  He is pro-beard, then he waffles and becomes pro-stache, then in the past he has silently chosen to oppose beards with late night shaving and slinking about during the day.  But much has changed now.

You see Mentzer has a tumblr site.  For those of you who do not know tumblr (that is ironic in a lot of ways), tumblr is the blogger of the snooty elite, the anti-American, the espresso with lemon peel drinker.  It is the white collar to the blue collar to live journal (yeah, that was on purpose).  On this tumblr page of his he details with great ferocity and violence the assault on his beard.

Clearly he revels in the prolonged torture.  He makes several slashing cuts, all of which are documented like a sick serial killer videotaping the torture of a victim.  His face clearly taunting the beard community here in Wausau.  Laughing at the establishment with his radical turn, like someone from the Weather Underground, or a Kenyan Socialist seeking to deposit millions in our bank account if we can only email him our routing number.

Mentzer then went on twitter and claimed to be the victim of cyber bullying when people called him on his anti beard violence, as if shifting the blame away from himself would absolve him of this sort of thing.

As a community we have been tolerant of the civil anti-beard dissenters who have come to the table and wanted to explain their lifestyle choice.  We have even been tolerant of those sad few who cannot grow a beard or at the very least a stache.  These people are born this way, and it is not a choice for them.  We accept that in the immortal words of Lady Gaga (that’s just for you, Brad), some people are BORN THIS WAY.  And we accept them.

What we cannot accept is someone in such a powerful position in the community, someone so influential, taunting our traditions, our way of life.  To trim a beard is one thing, to do it on the internet with smug abandon is totally different.

Rise up brothers and sisters, reclaim your beard dignity, tell this interloper that we will not be taunted by his indie record smugness.  His hipster collectivism is not what we are made of, and we shall not be fooled.  The Devil comes in many disguises, and he tricks us.  Using the internet for propaganda purposes is one of the ways mentioned in the Bible that I have on the shelf in the bathroom.


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