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My Goals for Wausau in 2013

by on March 1st, 2013

When Dino asked me to write down what I want Wausau’s goals for 2013 to be, I was stymied. I’m not big on city politics. I’ve never been to a City Council meeting. When it comes to what the City of Wausau does, most of my opinion comes directly from my interaction with the benefits… the River Walk, the events, the parks, etc.

So like everything, I’ll be injecting a whole bunch of domesticity into this politically driven site, and I make no apologies for it. If we are a tapestry, my homespun threads are certainly part of it.

I have no idea what the heck the City of Wausau is thinking in regards to Thomas Street. I’ve been disillusioned about that whole thing since they redid the Thomas Street Bridge a while back. The year (or was it only a day?) after they finished that expensive project, they said, “oh, we need a wider road.” So why did they just build a new bridge that is certainly not four lanes wide? What’s special about Thomas Street? Are they hoping to drive the Weston/Schofield/Rothschild traffic to Walmart through town instead of on the highway?

I intend to spend more time looking at Thomas Street this summer… at least from the vantage point of Oak Island, where I plan to more thoroughly explore the island and try geocaching again.

As for the blight of certain neighborhoods, I intend to tackle that problem myself. In my own front yard, I hope to finally install brick pavers on our temporary gravel sidewalk, which is truly unsightly. My kids and I will be walking a lot this summer, and wherever we travel, we’ll be taking small garbage bags along to pick up litter. My little army of citizens can’t do much more than that, but we do it with willing hearts.

We will be doing extensive surveys of our environment, especially from the perspective of the riverside, where we intend to try catching little fish. The City of Wausau surely won’t mind. We’re good stewards of nature, and we will catch and release and buy a permit.

In 2013, we will continue our love affair with the city that provides us with Chalk Fest, a whole pile of ribs, and hot air balloon watching. We’ll attend as many parades as possible. My kids and I will also be doing regular examinations of the public library to borrow books and DVDs and see how the new fish are doing. They will be in summer school just to get out of the house, and my daughter will be taking advantage of the special Hmong culture week, and my son will be seeing Camp Sturtevant for the first time.

So what do I want out of the City of Wausau during 2013? More of the same. Perhaps more action on the City Council front to actually communicate and decide stuff in a logical manner, but in regards to my day-to-day life, I’m pretty well set.

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