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My Central Wisconsin Goals for 2013

by on March 8th, 2013

I live in Weston, so I felt a little strange using Wausau in the title, and since I have a modicum of juice here, I am using that title.

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to write here.  I think that some of this is realistic, and some of it simply is not.  But, I thought I would make a list, since I like making lists.

1.  A Change in Leadership in Wausau.  For all the talk of things happening, or not happening, the City of Wausau is standing still.  Even more so it is reinforcing the standing of the still.  There is opposition to food trucks, because they are not standing still.  Get it? Wink.  The point is we have a ton of scandal in recent years, no progress, and a sort of absent leader.  Maybe the retired on active duty model for leadership should not be embraced.

2.  Solar Panels.  Just put them up.

3.  Consolidation of Service.  Somehow do the math so it makes sense.

4.  Greater Voter Turn Out.  I would love to see both parties turn out a ton of voters the next time around.  Or every time.  I mean the numbers are terrible.

5.  No more Drunk Driving arrests.  Look, we drink a lot.  It seems like all of us are drunk most of the time.  I mean the newspaper covers people who seem to have more than 3 DUIs.  What the hell does it take to get your 4th DUI?  How much money did that person spend to pay a fine, get a driver’s license back, and then insurance, and then drive again…only to be drunk again?  Clearly this is some sort of disease, because after like a 10 grand penalty, you would think that the lesson is learned.

6.  Invest in Tech.  For example, I think the Weston Farmers Market has free wifi, or at least I had free wifi there last summer while I ate fruit and sat on a bench.  How about if the City of Wausau invests in free Wifi at two places… Athletic Park for the Chucks and the 400 Block for people eating lunch.  Now, this is not going to replace your private business network, but why not encourage geolocation social networking?

7.  Give Gary Barden a television show where he can talk about biking and mass transit.  It does not have to be Gary, it can be any of the bike shop guys, but let us start embracing it.  I love riding the bus and am glad Weston did what they did.

8.  Demand Wausau use the internet to communicate with the people.  Have you seen their facebook page?  If they simply call Weston and ask them what they are doing that would be fine.

9.  Make Why Not Wausau and Blues Fest a week long.  I am sorry to those organizers, but I love those events.  And they should include biking stuff, skateboards, and gardening people.  And remote control cars.

10.  Have I mentioned Solar Panels?  How about the little personal use wind turbines?

11.  Oh yeah, a Glockenspiel.

That is all I have on this day.  I am sure there is more.

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