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The Joy of Paper, Reporters and Binding

by on June 6th, 2013

I love books, newspapers, magazines, journals, notebooks, chapbooks, zines, legal pads, dailies, weeklies, monthlies, quarterlies and annuals.  I love reporters, editors, essayists, novelists, short storyists, zine creators, curators, and publishers.  I like ink, newsprint, laser print, handcopy, and all the rest.  I like that we have a daily, and a weekly here in Wausau.

My good friend, and the best editor I know, Cheryl Mathis has accused me in the past of writing love poems in the forms of blog posts.  Love poems to the work of my friends at the Wausau Daily Herald.  This has backed me down in the past, but I think I can get this one by her.

A community that has a daily newspaper has a watchdog.  It has a spotlight.  It has a critical voice.  A community that has a weekly has an investigator, a long form essayist, and a spot light.

We are lucky here in town to have these, and more.  We have the Wausau Daily Herald, and we have The City Pages.  We also have a ton of these little publications that float around from time to time.  We also have some young people making zines.  We have some older people making chapbooks.  We are blessed that way.

Recently, in my opinion, the Wausau Daily Herald has stepped up its game.  The work of Shereen Skola in covering the courthouse has been truly exceptional.  I imagine her roaming the halls, looking for stories, then emailing them back to the mothership for publication.  Truly a Lois Lane sort of thing.  Her in-person coverage of trials is exceptionally great.

Pat Peckham at The City Pages seems to be at every meeting that has a quorum in town.  He covers all the municipalities very well.  He does it all by himself, and like Shereen, I imagine him in a hallway calling in a story or lead to his mother ship.  Pat, in my opinion, is exceptional in that he has been covering this for long enough that he can make connections, that nothing is a stand-alone instance, he knows the connections.

We are lucky here in Wausau to have news like this, and our TV and radio stations.  Raymond Nuepert has been a reporter at 550 AM for a long time, and has always been impressive in his ability to be in the right place, at the right time.

These outlets, both paid and free, are services in our community.  They convey the news to those of us inside central Wisconsin, and they portray a story of central Wisconsin to those thinking of coming here.  Sure, we might all make fun of this or that, but we have these outlets, and these people are working every day to do a great job.  I think they hit that mark more often than not.

I like newspapers.  Printed.  Final.  I love the web.  I get the web, the mobile platform, the social media platform.  I get that, too.  But, when a newspaper reporter puts it on paper, there is something impactful about that.  Forever.  IN INK.

I hope we support these outlets.  Otherwise, we might not know what is going on.

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