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I Do Not Like Coconut, But I Like Parades

by on June 12th, 2013

I do not eat Almond Joy, Mounds, or Coconut Shrimp.  But, I go to parades.  I wonder if Alderman Dave Nutting and the commentors on the 550 AM website see this as illustrative.  I am guessing they do not, so let us expand things just a little bit.

I am directly in charge of what I put in my mouth.  Sure, we can talk about Monsanto, GMO, and Project Mayhem as examples of what I am not in control of.  But, if I do not want to eat a Hershey bar, or a bowl of rocks, I choose to not.  That seems pretty self explanatory.

Now, regarding parades, in this case, the Gay Pride Parade.  There is a lot of WE commentary, how the parade is some sort of tacit support for what some call a 1 percent lifestyle, how WE should not be supporting it.  I have come to love the concept of ‘never let a story get in the way of the facts’ idea.

So, some person is paying 15 grand to put on a parade.  This person went to the city, sought approval, and it is my understanding the parade was approved.  The proper forms were filled out, the checks cleared the banks, and insurance bonds were secured.  Just like any other parade.

Now, I understand you are narrow minded, and you are entitled to your opinion.  You can believe the teaching of whatever church you like, that homosexuality is unnatural, icky, leads to whatever.  I think we have to acknowledge that your ideas seem to be at odds with the rest of society.

Let me be clear, I even support your right to stand on the street corner and shout your homophobia in the light of day, in the dark of night, anonymously or signing your name.  You want speech, I got your back.  The First Amendment gives you that right.

The cost of your speech though is two-fold, I think, 1. You reveal yourself and your ideas to be antiquated and obsolete in 2013.  This is fine.  2.  I get to respond to your voice, with my own.  (You are reading my words right now).

Now, like I said, I got your back as far as talking your homophobic nonsense.  Go on with your ignorant self.  But, I oppose you and your desire to use your personal beliefs to affect public policy.  This is where we all get to saddle up and have it out, and there will be some sort of outcome.  And in this case, I am glad you are losing.

I feel bad for Alderman Nutting today.  I am sure when he answered the call to speak last night he had no idea that he would be the poster boy for this sort of vitriol.  I question if he is truly doing the bidding of his district, or just the loudest voices.  Either way, I oppose what Alderman Nutting said.  I think calling homosexuals deviants is offensive to me.  I hope you see the difference.

And one final comment on this idea of WE.  Sure, there will be taxpayer resources on display, so WE will be supporting this parade.  No question.  But, WE support a lot of stuff that I am not a fan of.  War, for example.  Wiretaps.  An unfinished walking path.  Some of you supported the stage on the 400 Block, some of you did not.  Either way, WE support all sorts of things, as part of our social contract.  Your beliefs do not get to dictate to me what will be supported or not.  Public policy does.  And we already covered that.

I am off … to not eat coconut.

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