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400 Block Must Grow

by on June 20th, 2013

It is time that we all have to come to terms with something, the 400 block is NOT big enough.  If you were at the event last night, you suffered through the joy of being packed in a tiny space with your fellow Wausau-ites like you were at a Who concert in 1979 in Ohio (wink) spss downloaden universiteit leiden.  The fact is that it time to consider knocking down the buildings that abut the block to make room for more chardonnay and cured meats.  We must grow the block guten morgen bilder herunterladen.  And sacrifices will have to be made.

So, that is tongue in cheek obviously, but if you were there last night you know that the compression is a thing hvv ticket.  The greatness of these events is clearly becoming a problem (a lot like the awesomeness of my beard).  It is time for these events to grow.

I know that a discussion can be had, like all discussions can be had, as to whether or not the block has lived up to the investment the city and community made youtube video downloaden smartphone.  I sort of think that aside from personal interests, we should all be able to agree that the block is useful.  Is it more useful now than before?  I know I think it looks nicer mac spiele downloaden vollversion.

The people from Wausau Events and The City Pages (disclosure: The City Pages pay me as a freelance writer) put on these amazing events.  I do not know who or how the work breaks down, but maybe they need to consider having events on more nights smileys downloaden voor whatsapp.  Clearly it will be hard to replicate the cool vibe of the Wednesday night thing, but there is no real reason to stop.

How come Midwest Communications cannot produce 1 night a month, ROCK TUESDAY, for their listeners with a band that fits their listeners desire spss downloaden voor studenten.  Midwest could have a concert series, one week night for each of their stations.  So, we add a concert to the summer.

Organizations could have a night dropbox passed download.  The Great Northern Blues Society could have a night, Malarkeys, The Fillmor, the Mish, they could all do a night.  Why not?  It is not like I am anything except a participant delta radio app herunterladen.

But, I think really what I am saying is that the 400 block concerts are awesome.  And clearly they are spilling or have spilled off the block herunterladen.  I think we need to knock down some buildings.

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