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Questioning the Tipple Plan

by on August 6th, 2013

It is fair, and even an understatement, to say that the administration of the City of Wausau under Mayor Jim Tipple, and the City Staff has become problematic.  A recent editorial in the Wausau Daily Herald outlines many issues.  We have lamented them here.  But, for fun, let us recreate a list of things that bear repeating.

1.  Thomas Street.  New reporting has the city budgeting 500 thousand dollars (or thereabouts) to come up with a plan.  The plan means a delay, means the people who live there are in limbo.

2.  The trail by Marathon Box.  Not a lot of reporting, but we anticipate that Harvey Schofield and his side will come out.

3.  Still have no idea who messed up the Thomas Street grant.  Even though the Federal Government said we got it wrong, Tipple said we got it right.  I wonder, who to have confidence in.

4.  Closed sessions.  The Mayor, Alderman Nagle and Brad Marquardt tried to finagle the purchase of property in closed sesssion.  Highly illegal.

5.  The TIF issue.  Again, the Mayor moved the Council to closed session.  In this closed session they moved money back the budget of Anne Werth and not the general fund.  TIF is fine.  The process is not.

6.  The Food Truck flame up.  Clearly not the best process.

This is just the new stuff.

So, let us pose some questions shall we.

1.  What should happen as a result of the Thomas Street project failure?  Clearly some people would like the metaphorical pound of flesh, someones head on a pike.  But, the Federal Government was very forthcoming in how it investigated the City of Wausau, documented the wrong doing, and that was the justification for the denial of funds.  Tipple, not so much.  So, what should be done?

2.  What role do you think transparency should play in the government of a municipality like Wausau?

3.  Is Wausau open, transparent?  This can be in regards to the public, the media, or other policy issues.

4.  We have seen a discussion about the role of Mary Anne Groat and others on the boards of nonprofits that receive funds from the City of Wausau.  What role should city staff play in the leadership of groups that receive tax funds?

5.  What changes does Wausau need to make to ensure transparency going forward?

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