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I Support the Boys and Girls Club

by on August 25th, 2013

News broke recently that the Boys and Girls Club was going to return to the City and ask for more money.  If you look at our facebook or twitter feed, you see that we reacted strongly.  We also made it perfectly clear (or tried to) that our objection was not based on the merits of the Club, but rather the process that Councilman Brezinski took on the last time, and what we thought would be another Brezinski work around this time.

But, to our surprise and great (seriously it was great) joy, the Executive Director of The Club stepped forward and presented something brilliantly, and changed the narrative completely.  I actually watched public access just to see him talk.

We should fund the Club.  The Club is a vital organization in our community.  I am not a child of the Club, but another type of Club.  I was a child of the Y.  I was lucky enough that my parents were members of the Y, and I was turfed there.  I played sports, took swim lessons, went to camp, got tutored, developed friendships, went to my first “dance”, and got my high school job from the Y.  I even met a girl who I would take to prom at the Y.

The Club has this same effect, even more pronounced though.  Kids do not have to be members, or maybe membership is cheaper, and more services are provided.  The Executive Director spoke eloquently and passionately about a young man who had parents who worked who spent all his time at the Club, blossomed at the Club, and when he strayed from the Club, suffered.  The young man came back to the Club and got back on track.

The City of Wausau should allocate tax payer dollars to the Wausau Boys and Girls Club.  It is a resource that the City would get a great return on their investment with.  Young people, doing positive things, being surrounded by positive role models, with resources to help these young people, this should be something that we can all support.

This should not get lost in the political drama created by hacks like Jim Brezinski, who while trying to do something good taints the Club with his actions.  I understand that dollars are tight, but it seems like the ability of the Club to leverage small amounts of donations into giant changes makes sense.

I hope that the City of Wausau City Council and the community will be able to have a civil, reasoned discussion about the value of supporting such an organization in Wausau.  I hope that this discussion does not include the ham handed actions from the likes of Jim Brezinski again.  Let a public narrative of support be created, and let that support lead to smart, appropriate action.

Thank you Brian Stezenski-Williams, Kathy Johnson, Kim Larson, Angela Diener, Jack Thao, Mao Thao, Whitney Schumacher, Nissa Schuller, David Peterson, Sarah Napgezek, Paul Rahmlow, James Koslowski, Todd Bohm, Joe Fonti, Nancy Frawley, Todd Hagedorn, Mary Jo Johnson, Dennis Kepchar, Dick Lawson, Casey Nye, Rich Poirier, and Todd Sweeny for all your hard work.

Our Community should support the work of the Club.  It is a worthy investment and discussion to have.

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