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Filling the Fillmor

by on November 23rd, 2013

I am officially old enough to “remember when…” something happened.  I remember when Rockwater happened, and all of the resulting years of Rockwater stuff happened.  I talked to Charlie from the Downtown Church, and it seems like he is not going in the Rockwater direction, but the faith community is small, so who knows.

I was asked what I thought of the Church buying the Fillmor.  I only got a sentence in the media, so I thought I would grab this keyboard and go to town.

I heard (or read) about the Fillmor property in what can only be called a cool mistake.  Charlie, the Church guy, posted something on Facebook about buying the church.  He clearly intended to post something privately, but it ended up on my wall.  Since I do not sleep, I saw it.  And I reposted it, with great shock.

I was horrified to read it, and reposted it because I did not believe it, and I wanted someone to debunk it as a stupid rumor.  Then Charlie reached out to me and confirmed it, and confirmed the mistake.  We put it up on the CW twitter feed (before every other media outlet, wink), and it went from there.

It took a couple of days, but the owners of the Fillmor made a statement, Charlie made a statement, and stories flew in the media.  And that was the cycle of this story.  Remember who did it first, wink!

Now it is simply the fallout that is left.  What will happen, what will it all mean, will the church make it, and all of the discussion.

I want to add this to the discussion.  The crew at Rock 94.7 have done an amazing job.  There is no question the shows at the venue that I have been to in the last couple of months have been a success.  Whether it be some rock thing from the radio guys, or the Electronic music.  There are always people at the events, and in some cases A LOT of people at the events.

Wausau is a little bit like San Francisco in one instance.  If you remember the birth of the iphone, the tech community rose up screaming about ATT, and how horrible it is.  Well, I have ATT, and no matter how much Kevin Rose complained, his experience did not make it match up with the reality I was experiencing with my cellular provider.  But, that guy had a podcast, and was internet famous.

In comparison, you can read all over the place how Wausau sucks.  I have written it, and I have felt it.  Today one of our own entertainment organizers wrote on facebook about how she goes out of town to get the entertainment that she really wants.  Yeah, the Wausau sucks narrative is real.

But, it is not real.  If you go in the Fillmor on Friday night (tonight) there are going to be 500 people rocking out.  In the moment, and for the most part you are not going to see the Wausau sucks narrative discussed.  I get that the hipster move is to be cynical as hell, and not let on that something is happening, or that you could possibly ever enjoy anything.  But, how about we just admit it is fun, just once.  How about we do a little more “Nick and Norahs Infinite Playlist” and a little less “Girls”?

The guys from Rock 94.7 have worked tirelessly to bring rock shows of large scale to the Fillmor, and they deserve the credit for this success.  They created a rock venue that was nationally known, and as a result there were more bodies in downtown Wausau and more dollars spent.

We must simply move beyond this idea that those that bring entertainment to Wausau are outside of Wausau, or really ourselves.  That cynical thinking really is just bullshit.

What do I think of a church going in the Fillmor?  I do not care.  I am not going to a church, in the Fillmor, or in the JC Penney’s parking lot.  I am not a church guy.  Do I think we will lose because of this?  Yep.

It is my hope that the faith based community step up and support this endeavor.  I am not a part of the faith based community, so they might be doing it already.  Otherwise I fear the heating of the Fillmor will bring down this endeavor, and it will perish like one did just a few years ago.  But, I hope I am wrong.

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