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Dear Candidates…

by on January 8th, 2014

Dear Candidates,

It is that time again.  The Wausau City Council has contested races.  The County Board does as well.  Citizen Wausau would like to extend an invitation to the following people…

  • Guy Wiesler
  • Dave Nutting
  • Duane Maatz
  • Tom Neal
  • Steven Miller
  • Keene Winters
  • Jill Viergutz
  • David Oberbeck
  • Mark Lambert
  • Robert Mielke
  • Benjamin Hebbe
  • Matthew Bootz
  • Beverly Krejci
  • Jim Maas
  • Edward Stark
  • Anneliese Sheahan
  • John Durham
  • Allen Opall
  • Gina Cornell


We would like to give you a chance to write a 400 to 600 word essay explaining why you are running, and what affirmative action you would seek out when elected ps4 system update herunterladen nicht möglich.

We do not want to hear electioneering, and will simply reject it, and ask you to rewrite it with a more honest voice.

We believe in your running for office pizza syndicate for free.  We know most of you, and over the next two weeks, we will contact each of you individually, and extend the offer.  But, for now consider this an open invite der link zum herunterladen.

If you are interested in submitted, please email me at dino at citizen wausau dot com.

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