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Dear Snow Plow Guys and Street Crews

by on March 25th, 2014

Thank you.  It seems like winter is coming to an end, and I wanted to send a internet note to you saying thank you.  You and your comrades on the street crews deserve a ton of thanks, and so, thank you.

We here in Central Wisconsin have the ability to complain about anything.  We complain and bitch about everything.  In this tougher than normal winter, a lot of people complained a lot about roads, and plows and the whole bit.

I was one of them.  I live in a spot in Weston that is a dumping ground for the Village of Weston plow trucks.  I live in a perfect spot on a corner and they just dump the crap out of the snow at the end of my driveway.  Most times I get there to use the snow blower, but sometimes I do not and a ice ridge ends up there.

Needless to say, that sucks.  But, to the credit of the guy in the truck, they show up from time to time and scrap off the ridge, for which I am grateful.

I know, we can all complain about this or that.  But, we got a record amount of snow, and a record amount of cold.  These are guys driving around in trucks, doing a hard job at all hours of the day and night, and they all mean well.

So, plow guys and street crew guys, thanks.  I hope you get a rest before spring has you working on parks.

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