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An Open Letter to Mayor Tipple

by on April 14th, 2014

Dear Mayor Tipple,

You are failing.  A week does not go by where there is not a story of your ineptitude.  I say you, knowing full well that others are in the stories, but you are the boss of City Hall.  So, when this or that happens, you are the one that has failed.  Because you are not paying attention, or you are corrupt, or you just do not care what people think of you and the administration.

That being said, I want to offer you a suggestion.  It is not a suggestion you have not heard, and if you have not heard it, you need to get better advisors.  Because this is in no way a unique idea.

You need to be a politician.  I mean it.  You need to be sensitive to the perception of the public, and you have to work to control that.  You need to be sensitive to messaging, optics, and how the public will react.  This is the most cynical part, but you need to be aware.

Second, you need to fire someone.  In a lot of ways it does not matter who you fire.  Just fire someone.  So that the politician you should be can say to the public that you are taking action.  That you did something, ANYTHING, at this point (because we all see you as a do nothing Mayor), to indicate you are in control.

Thirdly, you need to ensure transparency.  No more meetings in rooms that are not on camera, not more not communicating with the Wausau Daily Herald, or the television cameras.  Everything the City does for the rest of your time has to be live on television.  You simply have to be transparent, because you are not now.

Finally, you have to have some self awareness about your relationship with your developer friend.  A lot of people in the City know you are close, and that is not a big deal.  But, these are large dots that can be connected in a way that could show that he is getting special treatment.  You have to be the Mayor, not his friend.

I understand, Mr. Mayor.  You are tired of being slammed in the press.  You are an old retired guy, so who gives a crap.  Why bother talking to anyone about anything.  It is just as easy to be the stonewall Mayor, and not tell anyone anything.  I mean the media is going to do whatever it wants to do anyway.

But, that is not true.  You are surely not going to get your side of the story out, if you do not get your side of the story out.  So, you are going to have to talk to Teresa Clift, or Rob Mentzer, or me for that matter.  You have to do something, anything, to control this tide of bad times.

So in summation:

  1. Be a politician.
  2. Fire someone.
  3. Ensure Transparency.
  4. A little Self Awareness.

No one wants you to fail, Jim, but clearly you are.

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