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How is Your Summer Going?

by on August 12th, 2015

How has your summer been going?  I can sense that we are gearing up for school these days, so maybe we are looking back a little bit, looking forward a little bit, etc.  There are more cars parked by the local schools these days, I assume those are teachers doing whatever it is a teacher does in a classroom in August (I tried my whole life to NOT be in a classroom in August, so what goes on there is beyond me).

As some of you know I got let go in April.  The nonprofit where I work made a decision to cut me, and the members of my team.  I was depressed and angry at work, I believed in our work and wanted to keep going.  I felt like someone was telling me I was not allowed to do the work, help the mission, or whatever.  And a significant depression followed.

I decided somewhere along the way that I was going to take my time.  I was going to try to be happy, endeavor for happiness.  Actually seek it out.  Chase it.  Unemployed in Wisconsin in the summer seemed like a good idea.  Of course, there were some ups and downs, and I am still prone to more dark days and moments now than when I had a job, but a lot less than I had in May.

I have made an effort to do a lot more stuff in public, during the day.  I have a dog, and you can find me walking around downtown a lot these days.  The 400 Block is nice just about all the time.  It has turned into such a good thing.

I do not like the existing River Trail or whatever it is called.  Almost every time I walk down it there are some strange lurker men in the woods, clearly drunk, just being creepy.  I am a big guy, not afraid of other humans often, but this is just a shitty vibe that I do not like.

I went to the fair for a bit.  It was great.  It was so loud, and bright, and smelly, and rich.  It was one of those overwhelming experiences.  I had not been to the fair since the summer after freshman year of college when we had a party at Steve Osswald’s house, and we all went.

Blues Fest is this weekend, and sadly I am going to be out of town.  I am seeing a Brewer game on Friday, and a Vikings game on Saturday, so I am out out out.

I love Wausau in the summer.  As I start to transition back to a regular life, and a regular schedule, I hope to write more.  I owe a lot to this city, and the people in it, a lot of whom reached out and helped me fight the depression that came from losing my job.  We are lucky, and I am grateful.  Thanks.

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