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Wausau Family Sued by Foreign Oil Corporation Fights Back in Court

by on August 29th, 2016

EDITORS NOTE:  James Botsford is my friend.  I care deeply for him as a man.  I know his wife, his kid.  James is one of the most direct, moral, and conscience driven humans I have ever met cool games.  He even talked me into reading all the Bob Dylan biographies.  Seriously, who does that?!?  James asked me to post this to our site, and so I am.  I support James in his fight for many reasons, but I will let James writing speak for itself simpleclub app.  Please watch this video


WAUSAU, Wisconsin, 29 August, 2016 – A couple of years ago Goliath, in the form of the world’s largest oil pipeline company, Enbridge, came looking for David, the only farm landowners in North Dakota who would not let Enbridge have a 99 year lease to run whatever product they want through their land download dj program for free.

David, in the persons of James and Krista Botsford, live in Wausau. After not agreeing to sign the lease for any amount of money, Enbridge sued the Botsfords in Grand Forks, ND but got only some of what they wanted seite zum filme downloaden. Now they want the rest.

Both sides are appealing aspects of the lower court decision in a case that has implications for Wisconsin, because Enbridge has both pipelines and plans in Wisconsin, where they were recently successful in amending its laws on eminent domain spiel downloaden ps4.

The North Dakota Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on this potentially precedent setting case in Bismarck, ND, on Sept. 21st.

The Botsfords’ Wisconsin supporters are holding a legal defense fundraiser at Basil Restaurant in Weston, Sunday Sep djvu reader. 4 from 1:30 to 3:00 pm.

For more detail about the case, the issues, and fundraiser, visit

The GoFundMe fundraiser page can be accessed directly at

For more information contact James Botsford at [email protected] or 715-845-5532 samsung galaxy s3 mini kann keine bilder mehr downloaden.


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