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I need your encouragement and Help

by on October 24th, 2016

I need your encouragement and help. This is going to be a little confessional in nature, but I think we are at a point where this might be called for.  Please, bear with me.

CW has been in a funk, as have I.  I believe in the idea and the work we did over the years, but social media has changed, and honestly I have changed.  So think is a combination of questions about you and I.  Maybe we can find something together.

So, when we started there was the community aspect.  We had blogs that people could start for themselves, we had the three founders, we had the joy of being new.  We rode a little bit on Bill Coady’s coat tails, and had all sorts of hard charger in us.  A lot has changed now.  Facebook is the dominant platform, and there is a lot of discussion happening there.  The Wausau Daily Herald website has changed, and they are fostering a lot of discussion there.  And The City Pages is now online.  Also, Wausau news blogs come and go from time to time.  We are the grand daddy of them all, and I sort of feel like an old man who just wants to sit in my La-z-boy and watch the game and drink a Miller and fall asleep with the cat on my lap.

To be disclosing, I had wanted to write about the great things that are going on in Central Wisconsin.  I think I started off well in this regard, but eventually it became easier and more fun to be a critic.  The Tipple administration started to do things I disagreed with, or to not act in the way I had hoped.  And I became that guy who was just always needling the powers that be.  This is fun of course, but it is exhausting.  Personally, it is also isolating.  It is isolating, and that isolation has been hard for me.  I have grown, over time, to feel unsupported in my criticism of the powers that be in town, and that lack of support has resulted in my lack of output.

Over the years, many people have been asked privately and publicly, to write things for the front page.  Very few of these things have ever resulted in anyone contributing.  Overtime I have learned that it is not always a comfortable thing to publish your writing for all the world to see and comment on.  It is a strange impulse I have, and I see the strangeness as I sit in Starbucks today writing this right now.

But, here is what I am looking for, feedback.  Encouragement.  Really, anything.  I am feeling the seasonal change, and that is tough for me.  But the question is this, should I keep doing this?  Is it adding any benefit to your life?  To the community life?  Are we adding benefit?  I think if I had a sense that the writing was great, or the point of view was something people liked, I might keep it going.  But, I do not have not historically gotten a lot of feedback.  I get that it is the internet, and I am not out in public often, but still.  I wonder, am I bringing anything of value to your life?

The other aspect of this is value for my life.  To be frank, I am not getting a Christmas Card or even a polite hello from former Mayor Jim Tipple, or the food cart people who left town, or Kristine Van De Yacht, or many others who I have written about.  Some of those I am fine with, but some of those I had hoped that a public discussion would be respected.  I had hoped that we could disagree but not turn it into interpersonal conflict.  Being a critic is not always fun.  It just isn’t.  And I wonder if I am built for it.

This is all meandering, and self absorbed.  But, the question is this, does it even matter?  Should I keep writing on CW, should I start again?  And if I do, what should I write about?

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