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My Concerns with the President Elect

by on November 13th, 2016

My political party lost this election cycle in a massive way.  I am heart broken.  Not by losing, but by the amount of pain and anguish so many people are feeling after putting so much of themselves into their candidate of choice, to have that hope dashed.  Further, the campaigns ran for President, whether in the primaries or the general, those were soul crushing and out right scary.

I have some concerns.  My concerns are tempered (who would have thought that would be a thing Tom Neal) by my firm belief in my fellow Americans.  Do not confuse temperance with acceptance.  We all fight in our own way, we all oppose in our own way.  I wanted to voice my concerns with the incoming President-Elect.

  1. Behavior Modeling.  The things and done by the President Elect during the campaign were objectionable to me, on an almost daily basis.  Now, we have a President Elect that did not decry racists, in fact brought them closer to him, has made horrible statements about women for a lot of his public life, and is arrogantly dismissive.  Now look, a lot of people voted for him.  And a lot of people are going to be given permission to allow these sort of lower behavior norms out.  We are going to see lots of unbridled racists, sexism, and homophobia….because the President Elect did not call that behavior out as bad.
  2. The Mythic Strong Man.  I wonder if people just want a strong man to take it all on his shoulders, and fix things.  Like Benito Mousilini did.  I am not comparing, please be clear.  But, if you look at these sorts of things, like Castro, Il Duce, etc…when people are low, they run to the arms of a strong man.  I wonder what that will mean for us all, especially those who do not want a strong man.
  3. Lack of Institutional Knowledge.  There is no indication that President Elect is a tremendously educated man with any sort of knowledge base on the institutions of Government.  This is a problem especially if you factor in his pandering to the anti-government groups during the campaign.  This seems to be a little like me being allowed to fly a 767 full of school children, and my just assuming I can figure it out because I played some video games.  The Federal Government is a massive and complicated thing, and I am concerned that someone who spent so much time belittle so many good people during the campaign is not interested in hearing really smart people help him govern.
  4. Journalism.  While Trump was on the campaign trail he created open hostility toward Journalists.  Amazing people like Katy Tur needed to get security because of threats.  He also said he wanted to change libel laws, and First Amendment protection for journalists.

So, here is my concern.  If the guy from the campaign trail is the guy who shows up to work in Washington DC, nothing good is going to happen.  Not for the middle class, not for the working poor, not for the environment.  It is my hope that the campaign was the grossest it is going to get, and that he will surround himself with brilliance.  Because the disdain he showed for the government he is going to be entrusted to run was shocking to me.  It is a little like talking about how easy it is to be an airline pilot, how airline pilots are stupid and lose all the time, while having no training as a pilot, then being given a chance to fly a plane full of people and faberge eggs.


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