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My Great Hope

by on November 22nd, 2016

  1. Katie Rosenberg
  2. Sara Guild
  3. Elizabeth Field
  4. Carrie Hutton
  5. Kari Rasmussen
  6. Jane Graham Jennings
  7. Laura Scudiere
  8. Jennifer Smith
  9. Nora Hertel
  10. Rose DeHut

As you know, if you read this, I have struggled a lot lately teams downloaden imac.  With many things, with my place in the world, etc.  But, each night I try to wrap my head around a set of thoughts that are inspiring, and I have been working on this list for a while now downloaden von  I thought I would type them in, and write about it.

So, this is a list of women in this community that I think of as leaders.  I have met some of them, worked with some of them on project, know a few of them quite well herunterladen.  These ten people are ten people that give me great faith in the future for Central Wisconsin.

Worldwide women have begun to exert their leadership in new and exciting ways, making their voices heard, and demanding their rightful place at the table http products acrobat readstep2.html for free.  I find that to be so exciting.

If you look at the role of Sara Guild and Katie Rosenberg on the Marathon County board, it is crucial to be supportive herunterladen.  They are surrounded by white men, many of which have some seriously antiquated views of governing or life even.  Sara and Katie came together and stood up as leaders during the darkness that was the Brad Karger episode download facebook videos ios app.  I get the sense they are at opposite ends of the spectrum on things, but they seem like stand out intellects and public servants on that Board.

Nora Hertel is a young reporter who is brave enough to stand up to the powerful voices that would seek to hide themselves from her observations ps4 downloaden schneller.  She writes critically, objectively, and often times with great love and light.  I enjoy her work, and hope that Wausau can keep her for a while.

Jane Graham Jennings is simply heroic herunterladen.  On all the levels I can think of, she is heroic.  She is physically braver than I am, she is organizationally incredibly smart to keep and grow a nonprofit like hers, and politically she is brilliant logo programmieren download kostenlos.  She is able to stand strong for people who need her to stand strong, and honestly I have never seen her tire.

Kari Rasmussen is brilliant, and I have known her for a long time Download the ebook from kindle cloud reader.  She is a mom of some amazing kids who I randomly had a chance to meet recently.  She led Wausau Events for the longest time, transitioning it from a sort of social club for a crew of friends into an amazing, professional, powerful and needed part of central Wisconsin.  She grew it, and by growing it she enriched all of our lives.

Laura Scudiere is amazing.  I have a hard time finding a board she is not on, or an advocacy group she does not work with or for.  I was lucky enough to be on the Board at Bridge Clinic during her time there, and saw first hand her tirelessness.  It was great.  And she makes me laugh, and introduced me spicy noodle soup.

Carrie Hutton works at the YMCA and enriches the lives of all those around her.  I am part of a three generation Woodson YMCA family, and Carrie is one of our shining lights.  She is everywhere at the Y, and I sort of feel like she is stalking me, but I think she just drinks a lot of coffee and is everywhere.  She is part of the connection of this historic place to its community, and she does it with real grace.

That is just a sample really.  You can go look up the other names on the list, and figure out who they are and just how cool they are in their service to our community.  I look at the leadership in my community, and some of it is laughable and incompetent, then I look at this list of women and I am glad and proud to be here, and I know we are in good hands.

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