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Birthday Contract Agreement

by on April 8th, 2021

The final price of this anniversary contract depends on the number of guests who participate in the party. If this number exceeds the amount listed on the first page of the contract, an additional fee is charged per customer. We offer several packages that meet your needs. Please check the options for this birthday party contract and specify the package you want to buy. To get a final price, choose the package you want, in addition to the child and parents, enter the number of guests and select all the additional services or amenities you want. PandaTip: Use the price table in this contract template for birthday parties to list the packages you offer. Your customers can choose the package they prefer and change the number of children to reflect a specific holiday booking price. PandaTip: This birthday party contract allows your customers to choose a package of parties and other amenities and return a processing contract. Customers use the text fields on this page to provide basic information about contacts and parties. You`ll find terms and conditions and signature fields in the following pages of the contract model. PandaTip: The terms and conditions of this birthday party contract are often used by places that hold birthday parties.

You can add, edit or delete terms as needed. This contract, along with a non-refundable down payment of $[Deposit.Amount] is required to secure a reservation to [Sender.Company]. The anniversary contract with the specified deposit must be filed at least two weeks before the desired booking date. The filing of this anniversary contract does not guarantee the booking. Bookings can only be confirmed when the contract and down payment have been received and processed by our employees. By signing this anniversary contract, you are applying for a formal request for a party reservation. In addition, you agree to make your entire party responsible for the terms of the contract without limitation. Please note that a booking cannot be confirmed without the full payment of the down payment indicated in this contract. By signing this anniversary contract, you are freeing [Sender.Company] from liability. They agree to compensate [Sender.Company] and its employees for damage, loss or injury. If [Sender.Company] the property is lost or damaged as a result of the activities of a member of your party, you agree to compensate [Sender.Company] for the replacement or repair of that property. PandaTip: Customers use the fields below to sign this birthday party contract before sending it back to them for processing.

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at any time on [Sender.Company`s] property. You can bring food and non-alcoholic beverages during the birthday party and store them in our available refrigerators and freezers. All meals and beverages must be removed from the reserved area and from the [Sender.Company] refrigerators and freezers no later than 30 minutes after the end of the planned party. Parents have access to the reserved area 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the party. You cannot travel to the reserved area before the scheduled departure time of the party.

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