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Certification Agreement Template

by on April 8th, 2021

In the event of a conflict, we agree 1.) Negotiate directly with each other; 2.) Select an independent third-party intermediary; 3.) If we still cannot reach an agreement to resort to binding arbitrations instead of going to court. If we were not able to solve our problems in this way, immediate irreparable injuries could be caused, for which the facilitation of intrusion, among other things, is an appropriate means. If you have a dispute with a customer or other third party about HeartMath technology, let us know so we can attend a meeting of the parties to help with the solution. We both agree that we will not give this agreement to anyone and simply amend it in writing. We cannot engage or act as each other`s agent. HeartMath is not responsible for your actions and you are not responsible for HeartMath`s actions. We will both maintain appropriate liability insurance. The terms of this agreement are applied in accordance with California law and apply from the date of mutual signature. This DIY pack has been designed to give you a legal model that you can customize on your own and use it immediately on your website.

Do you know that there is no lawyer-client relationship between us and this is not personalized legal advice, but it is an easy way to quickly apply your certification agreement… With a lot of legal loveā„¢! A certification contract is a kind of licensing agreement between you and your mentor. It establishes the “rules of the game” for training your mentor in your methodology and allows them to earn a certificate in your work. Their certification status begins with the success of the HeartMath intervention course, including submission and approval of a case study, as described in the course manual. You agree to represent your knowledge of the HeartMath system, the scientific research that underlies the system and protocols presented in the HeartMath Interventions Course in a way that does not negatively reflect the name and reputation of the HeartMath organization. The certification agreement describes the certification benefits your mentor obtains after completing the certification requirements (for example. B a special title, a logo that shows that they are certified and the opportunity to use your methodology in their work). The certification agreement also protects your content and describes what CAN`T mentee do (how to copy your work, create a DENT OR ENSEIGNER YOUR METHODOLOGY certification program to other people in a competitive manner.) “HeartMath has developed very successful interventions to improve mental, emotional and physical balance.

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