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Cmich Fa Agreement

by on April 8th, 2021

The Michigan Employment Relations Commission has instructed Barry Goldman to participate in the investigation process of the CMU Faculty Association and Central Michigan University.In erg-nzung, the hearings of September 7, 9 and 13 were accepted by both parties. Fact-finding is a process in which an impartial party is responsible for hearing both the positions of the university and the AI and then making a recommendation on a collective agreement. The AI and the Capital Markets Union submitted a request for a finding of facts on 14 July. Members of the Central Michigan University Faculty Association went on strike for most of August 22, which was the first day of classes for the fall semester. A judge ordered faculty members to return to work, but they still have the right to protest on campus. CMU spokesman Steve Smith said Goldman will hear from both sides on the hearings and make a recommendation later. CMU officials filed a complaint by omission and a judge ordered the faculty members to return to work (public servants cannot strike under state law). Meetings with the fact-seeker ended last week. A report is likely to be presented in late October or early November. Please fill out this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible. Please copy and paste this integration script where you want to integrate it. So please help us by downloading 1 new document or joking about downloading: the Central Michigan University Faculty Association yesterday organized a work stoppage on the first day of classes after saying that the CMU administration was not negotiating in good faith with the union.

A fact-seeker was tasked with assisting the parties in resolving the dispute. According to a press release from the Capital Markets Union, the faculty group says its previous contract expired on June 30 and disputes over wages and other issues continue. Central Michigan has about 28,000 students, including about 21,000 on the Mount Pleasant campus. The Central University of Michigan and its faculty are awaiting a report from a publicly appointed fact-seeker who could help resolve their contractual dispute.

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