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A Site About Life in Wausau, Wisconsin

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Policy & Structure

In order to maintain day-to-day operations of Citizen Wausau (CW) and to ensure the Web site’s mission to provide fresh, quality content is carried out, a group of volunteers share a variety of duties.

  • Andy Laub, Technical Director / Cofounder
    Andy manages all technical and design aspects of Citizen Wausau download spotify mobile.
  • Dino Corvino, Editorial Director / Cofounder
    Dino acts as primary editor for Voice submissions and as Citizen Wausau’s media representative.
Editorial Board
  • Cheryl Mathis
    Cheryl acts as associate editor in addition to being our proofreader and a contributing writer download ptc mathcad.
  • Shawn Sullivan
    Shawn also acts as associate editor and contributing writer. He also lends his skills at project management.
Editorial Process

It will be necessary to conduct sufficient preview of new CW posts (original articles, both from CW volunteers and from general readership) prior to posting whatsapp profilbilder lustige bilder mit sprüchen kostenlosen. The purpose of this step is to “vet” content to achieve a basic level of editorial control in order to:

  • Ensure some element of local/regional relevance
  • Respond to or ask questions (i.e. clarification) of contributing writers
  • Screen potential libel, slander or otherwise malicious / damaging content
  • Manage volume and release time / date for posts
  • Ensure quality (grammar, spelling, sense) of posts originating from Citizen Wausau staff

This review / release process will be conducted essentially as follows:

  1. A new post is submitted to CW eigen fotosen van instagram.
  2. The new post is circulated to the editorial board.
  3. Within a designated time frame, editors are required (if available) to review the post and respond to the others in group reply, indicating suggested edits, concerns or approval.
  4. Only upon addressing any salient concerns and receiving approval from a designated number of the board, the post will be cleared for release skype windows xp.

Visitors’ comments will not be screened prior to appearance on CW, but all members of the editorial board are expected to maintain ongoing awareness of new comments, and, if necessary, remove objectionable comments (those clearly violating CW’s terms of service). Comments may be held in moderation for reasons unrelated directly to content, such as a large quantity of links. These will be approved in a timely fashion microsoft windows.

Editorial Policy

We’d like to start by thanking you for taking part, whether it be as a reader, a contributor, or a blogger. This is Citizen Wausau, and as a result, we’d like these posts – and the information contained within them – to be related to the City of Wausau or the surrounding areas.

While we will be using a “news-like” structure, we believe in a social media paradigm. Personal voices expressing personal stories to readers in their community topmodel spiele kostenlos herunterladen. You, talking to me, about what you have seen, what you want to see, and what you hope will come along — either way, it should make a connection with people.

It’s a new thing, maybe. Or it might just be an Internet-based version of the counter at The Mint or Log Cabin restaurant. The only difference may be, this version is typed herunterladen.

Terms of Service

1. Civility. We welcome discussion and an exchange of ideas — but we expect it to be civil. We expect you to treat each other with respect. So if we feel that someone has crossed the line in a comment or in a post, we reserve the right to remove it. There will be obvious things, like racism or slander… and there will be less than obvious ones like personal attacks or a lack of structure or eloquence firefox downloaden — gratis webbrowser — mozilla. It is in this less than obvious arena that we will reserve the right to make a call.

2. Ownership. You own your work. We own our work. But we are collaborating — so how is that going to work? We are going to license the Citizen Wausau website under a creative commons license. We will trademark things like the name, the art, etc, but the content is always fluid, so we’re bound to run into issues herunterladen momentan nicht möglich versuchen sie es später erneut android. We will defend our CC license if we find someone using our work or your work for personal gain. But more than that, you’re giving us your work. We will treat it with respect, giving it a once-over for clear typos, grammaticism and the like. But, you’re putting it up, and we are merely providing a framework for it to sit in.

3. Originality. Submitted content must be your work, under your name. While we are not completely opposed to syndicating a piece here and there that you wrote for your own blog, Voice is for original work, from or about the Wausau area. If you generate the content, and it goes here, it can still go anywhere else you’d like it to go. We only want original work, work you did with your hands, or your camera, etc. We’re not only talking about Wausau, but we are encouraging writing, poetry, art or photography. Those are the things we think people will like.

We reserve the right to make changes to this, and inform our contributors and readers as we go.