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Keene Winters is our Cautionary Tale

by on February 18th, 2016

In an effort to be transparent and disclosing, I have spoken to Keene Winters on the telephone two times.  One, very early in his public career, and one a bit later but before this kerfuffle began in earnest facebook videoen iphone app.  I like Keene very much, and think he is both bright and committed to his ideas.  But, at this point, even I want Keene to just give it all a rest.  But, that is not what I really want gta 3 herunterladen kostenlos pc.

What I want is for Keene to sue the City of Wausau to determine if something happened or something did not happen.  If, as a poster on our facebook page claims, Keenes due process rights were violated or not (I think not) apps auf fire tv herunterladen.  If the Mayor and the Council President acted in a way that is damaging to Keene Winters reputation (I think not, since he did what they said he did, he apologized for doing it) audio game for free mp3.

Or, NOT sue the City of Wausau and get back to work.

But, more than that we have to wonder again, how we got ourselves here.  Sure, Keene acted out words free download chip.  But, what gave Robert Mielke and Jim Tipple the idea that they could investigate him?  Seriously, where did that even come from?

We have reached a point where the leader of this city, Mayor Jim Tipple, has lost control of the City Council microsoft word 2010 gratis downloaden.  The Keene Winters nonsense is occupying everyone’s time, and attention.  And as a result nothing is getting done.  I mean, this mall thing (post coming about that soon) might slip by without nearly enough attention Android error message download is currently not possible.  We have primaries, Mayoral races, Keene Winters stuff, and a continuing pattern of Tipple related disfunction, and maybe just maybe we are all experiencing City Government fatigue instead of paying attention huawei p8 fotos herunterladen.

The City Council is broken, and mismanagement on ALL LEVELS of government (staff and elected officials) has led us there.  I, for one, hope that something is done to move us out of this cesspool of personal grudges, obstructionism, and vendettas gran turismo design.  I have no idea what happens behind closed doors, or what the cause was, but the Mayor is leading this city (or not leading this city as the case is), and it seems like he is lameducking his term with nonsense auktionskataloge kunsten.  And it seems like Keene is returning fire with equal or greater vigor.  So, I think at this point I can say the following…


  1. The City Staff is now, and has been, out of control for a while.
  2. Both men in the Keene Winters v Jim Tipple appear unwilling to deescalate the conflict.
  3. Moving our city forward is lost in the shuffle.


So, how about if the two of you (you both know you read this website) stop being such macho asses, and get back to governing?  Ignore each other, like cheerleaders ignore dance team members.

Do something affirming.  Open a park, pass a budget, make parking free on every tuesday of the odd number months.  Have  blood drive.  ANYTHING other than this.

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