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RIP Bertie Uhlig

by on January 29th, 2017

I lost a friend recently.  My friend Bertie Uhlig lost his battle with a terminal disease recently, and I am heart broken about losing my friend.  Bertie is survived by Chris and Keith, and the hundreds of individuals that he met along his short, but bright journey foto app windows 10 downloaden.

Bertie came into my life about 2 years ago I think.  Gracie had just arrived, and Bertie came a short time after.  So, Keith and I were surely going to connect the two of them, so they could be friends forever.  And I think they were.  Bertie was a little bit of a savage for Gracie at time, but when I told Gracie today she seemed to understand and went to her bed to lay down nintendo spiele downloaden.

I learned a lot from Bertie.  I learned a lot watching Keith learn a lot from Bertie as well.  Keith is about as even keeled as a human being can be, and Bertie was all fire and passion and go go go.  I cannot tell you the number of times that Bertie went running off and all I heard was “Oh Bertie!” and off Keith went krabat.

Bertie was rough, and strong.  When Gracie and Bertie used to wrestle, he would kick her ass.  His arms were so strong, and she was not that strong, and he would just get wound up and hold her down.  Gracie never minded, because she knew Bertie loved her, but still Keith freaked out google kontakte herunterladen.

Bertie was also crazy outgoing in contrast to the ever even keeled Keith.  He was off meeting everyone, and hanging out with anyone who would (or would not sometimes) talk to him.  He just loved meeting people.  Sure, sometimes his fancy would get drawn to one individual and the crazy ass boy would come out, but over all Bertie was good at being around people minecraft app android for free.

I also love that Bertie made Keith a better athlete, and a more joyful one.  You see Bertie was not interested in how fast or long or what pace he went at, he was just happy to be running in the woods, in the park, on the road.  He just loved running for all the simply things that it offered, RUNNING.  How we could all learn from that ps3 for free.

I am going to miss Bertie a lot.  I am sure Chris and Keith will as well.  But, I am really going to miss seeing a guy living life with such passion, and really chasing it herunterladen.

RIP Bertie.  Thank you.

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