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Schedule 2 Of Main Collective Agreement

by on April 11th, 2021

Collective agreements are, on the one hand, a union or a unit of collective agreements and, on the other hand, an employer, a company or an employer organization. One of the fundamental principles in Denmark is that trade unions have the right to enter into collective agreements with employers and employers` organisations. Unions can take different types of collective action to reach an agreement with an employer. You can also see it as a foreign employer with people who have been deployed to Denmark. As a foreign company, you should expect Danish trade unions to contact you to reach an agreement for workers posted to Denmark. You can negotiate a collective agreement with the union yourself or join a employers` organization that can negotiate on your behalf with the union. 6 bis.-(1) In order to ensure that seconded workers receive wages corresponding to the rates that Danish employers must pay for the performance of the corresponding work, collective action can be taken against foreign service providers in the same way as Danish employers, in order to support the request for a collective agreement. See subsection (2). (2) The initiation of trade union actions within the meaning of sub-section 1 is conditional on the pre-presentation to the foreign service provider of provisions in collective agreements concluded by Denmark`s most representative social partners, covering the entire Danish territory. These collective agreements must clearly indicate the rate of pay to be paid under collective agreements.

Learn more about the main Danish labour market organisations, which can provide information on the content of collective agreements, including key issues such as wages. In accordance with Section 6 bis of the Worker Detachment Act, a number of conditions must be met to enable Danish trade unions to fight against foreign companies. The section also describes the maximum wage elements that may be required in the collective agreement. The rules of the labour dispute are not enshrined in legislation, but are based on a complete case law of the Danish Labour Tribunal. In Denmark, workers have wide rights to actions of struggle and solidarity. Solidarity measures are put in place to support an existing dispute. The labour dispute is only legal if the work that the union is trying to regulate through an agreement is within the scope of the union. However, it is not necessary for the union to have members working for the company concerned.

The collective agreement contains a wide range of conditions and a framework for the rights and obligations of employers and workers. Agreements may include provisions relating to working time and work, pay, overtime, etc., leave, pension and other aspects of work. They may also include rules on the working environment and dispute resolution. Different annexes and endorsements can be attached to the agreements. In general, the agreements contain both independent rules and provisions contained in Danish legislation. In Denmark, there are many examples of trade unions taking union action to reach a collective agreement. This includes Danish and foreign employers. Compared to foreign employers, the right to trade union action in the construction industry has been particularly important.

To be legal, a labour dispute requires in principle that the union concerned has a reasonable professional interest in seeking a collective agreement.

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